From Schönefeld airport

1.The easiest way is to take the Bus 171 towards Hermannplatz and get off, 51 minutes later, at Elsenstrasse stop. Take a few steps in the opposite direction until you reach the crossroad and turn left in Elsenstrasse. You will find the holiday home on the right side of the street, at number 76/77. There are only 100 meters from the bus stop to the main door.

2.Alternatively, you can take the S-Bahn Line 9 towards Pankow and get off at Treptow Park;
from there you can hail a taxi with the Kurzstrecke rate, that takes you home for four Euros;

or you can take the 104 bus towards Elsenstrasse Neu Westand / Britz Platz or the 167 at the same stop, and get off at Harzerstrasse / Wildenbruchstrasse stop. Turn left in Harzerstrasse and about 200 meters later turn left in Elsenstrasse, the rest as above.

From Tegel airport

1.Take the bus 109 towards Zoologischer Garten and get off at Jakob Kaiser Platz stop. From there take the U-Bahn line 7 towards Rudow and get off at the Rathaus Neukölln stop:
there you can hail a taxi (4 euros with the Kurzstrecke rate)
or the bus 104 towards Stralau/Tunnelstrasse or the bus 167 at the same stop. Get off at Harzerstr. / Wildenbruchstr. stop, turn immediately right in Harzerst. and about 200 meters later turn left in Elsenestr. The rest as above.
2.Alternatively you can take a taxi that takes you home with about 27 euros.

From Berlin Hauptbahnhof

From central station you can take the bus M41 towards Sonnenallee/Baumschulenstr. and get off at Sonnenallee/Pannierstr. stop; from there, you can take:
the famous taxi with the Kurzstrecke rate (IMPORTANT! First tell the driver that you want a Kurzstrecke rate, or else the regular rate will be calculated!)
the bus 171 towards Flughafen Schönefeld and get off at Elsenstr. From there, after a few steps in the same bus direction, turn left in Elsenstr. and the rest as above.
Taxi from Hauptbahnhof is about 17 euros.

If you arrive from other parts of the city, use the BVG link on this page.

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