Casavacanze Walks and tours

You can easily reach all tourist sights from the Casavacanze Almerico , but there are also a number of interesting places nearby worth seeing!

Along Elsenstr., towards Treptower Park, you'll find on the left side of the street a stair leading to an overpass: it is the old railroad tracks which have now became a delightful roof garden and an ideal jogging path, continuing to walk along the same way, you can directly reach Kreuzberg 's Görlitzer Park.

Two interesting itineraries start from the Treptower Park S-Bahn.

· On Puschkinallee you will find the Sowietisches Ehremal, where about 5000 Red Army soldiers, fallen during the Berlin liberation of 1945, are buried. It is an interesting blend of nature and Stalinist aesthetics that I personally find very exciting. Also on Puschkinallee, you will find an astronomical observatory, with Europe's longest telescope. In the stretch of woods between Ehrenmal and Observatory there is a pretty lake, ideal for a picnic.

· The second route is along the Spree. If you don't take one of the many boat trips proposed by the Stern und Kreis Shipping Company, departing from Treptow Port, you can simply walk along the river. There you will find an "Imbiss" where you can eat freshly smoked fish, a rowboat rental, many small bistrot and cafés , a restaurant on a boat and the historic Zennerhaus, which has a program of live music. Continuing beyond the Isle of Youth, towards Köpenick, are the ruins of a huge amusement park, where nature is slowly repossessing the rides and the gondolas of the Ferris wheel.

A novelty also for berliners is the recent opening to the public of the historic Tempelhof Airport, famous for the landing of the "Rosinenbomber" at the time of the air bridge over Berlin, between 1948 and 1949, which supplied with food   the inhabitants of the isolated West-Berlin. The old landing strip is now open to everybody for walking, cycling or skateboarding. There are two BBQs aereas, a café with deck-chairs, several information boards about the history of the old airport and the "Luftbrücke" and there is even an enclosed playground for dogs. One of the entrances is directly at the bus stop of the 104  "Friedhöfe/Columbiadamm ". There is no entrance fee , gates are open until dusk.

Well, I hope I've given you enough inspiration for your walks and trips. This page is constantly enriched and updated, thanks to your own discoveries too, which is an invitation to contribute!

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